Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Years Eve Revellers

Revellers will 'flock' tonight and 'gather' and 'brave the cold' etc, we are told by the media (wonderful media).

But what the hell is a Reveller?

Is it a person in a crowd - or the actual crowd itself - who/that gathers in a public place to wave and shout at TV cameras?

I think it's both.

These Revellers surface at various times of the year, for example when the England football team play a big (usually losing as it happens) game, or recently the X Factor final night, and of course there is tonight, the big one, the Revellers Revellers night - New Years Eve.

So, if you're out and about tonight you'll see them (whooping and shouting and often throwing bottles or glasses) or if you're in and you happen to catch the TV news you'll also see them - in Trafalgar Square, Times Square in New York and in every town centre in Britain - some with TV cameras or local newspaper photographers present, some without - so, look out for them and happy revelling!

Personally I'd rather stay in blogging...


Bill Quango MP said...

If you are out you will see the relatively new phenomenon of drunken men and women dropping mobiles as they struggle to send and receive texts.
Listen for the sound of smashing Nokia's in the background to big ben, and see the broken plastic shards in the morning.

JPT said...

What wonderful traditions!