Thursday, 18 December 2008

Rachel Nickel and Crackers Police

It seems that the police investigating the Rachel Nickel murder used a psychological offender profile put together by the "real-life Cracker", psychologist Paul Britton to pursue and trap the innocent Colin Stagg.

Oh dear. The poor fools.

A year later the real killer Robert Napper, struck again killing Samantha Bisset and her young daughter Jazmine.

Good old fashioned honest police hard work would have caught Napper before he killed Nickel or Bisset because his mother had tipped off police that Napper had admitted to a rape.

They didn't follow that up of course.

But my real annoyance with all of this is that instead of police getting stuck in and grafting so to speak to find Nickel's killer they went for the glamorous option of using the aforementioned 'real life Cracker'.

Now we all know that watching too much TV is bad for you but the police took this to the limits by copying this faddy populist bullshit.

Shame on them all.

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