Monday, 22 December 2008

BBC News

I have just watched the BBC Six O'clock News, not something I often do - and now I know why!

The 'headlines' tonight were the story of the British hostages in Iraq who have been held for something like nineteen months.

Now this is a sad story for the families of these men granted, but there were no new developments today and the story was pretty much just reminding people of the plight of those involved - but it was NOT the main news story of the day in my opinion.

Another report on the news was about Dementia - and the reporter for this one, for some bizarre reason was standing on the street!

Why? Did she hope to grab a chance interview with a passing Dementia sufferer? I don't know.

And then, when reporting the fact that car giant Toyota has made a loss for the first time in history the newsreader referred to our current economic catastrophe as 'an economic slowdown'!


A very sudden and disastrous slowdown I'd say - like what happens when a car hits a brick wall.

BBC News? I don't think I'll bother again for a little while...


Jeannine said...

There's really not much news anywhere right now, but that's probably a good thing -- as in the saying, no news is good news. The top stories in the US all involve snow.

JPT said...

Christmas always seems to be a quiet time for news for some reason - could it be 'good will to all men?' - I doubt it!