Thursday, 4 December 2008

Quantum of Solace Editing

Big film of the last few weeks at the cinema - Quantum of Solace.
It's been pretty much slated by the critics but I went to see it yesterday and I think a lot of the criticism is a bit unfair.
Having said that I have a major beef with the film.
And that beef is the quick 'cut cut' type editing thing going on in the action scenes.Each shot in any of the action scenes lasted no more than two seconds with most of them (yes I timed them) about one second or less!
This technique made it impossible to actually make out what was going on.
It was like having a load of photo's thrown in front of you very quickly - confusing!
This technique seems to be all the rage in action films at the moment (can you imagine them trying to film an action scene with one camera in one take like it was being done on the stage!) but I've never seen it done to this extent or so badly really.
To sum up - a half decent film with crazy, flashing, fit inducing, eyeball spinning, baffling action scenes!

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