Friday, 24 July 2009

See You All In 16 Days - Off On My Hols!

Thanks for all your very kind comments over recent months, most appreciated.
I won't be blogging for sixteen days now - I'm off to Turkey on holiday.
I'm going to a small village in the hills near Fethiye called Yesiluzumlu.
I've been to this village before and there are plenty of photo opportunities in the area.
Hopefully, all being well I'll be sharing some of them with you in early August - happy blogging!

PS For all you bird lovers out there I leave you with this shot of a couple of very colourful ducks taken by myself on the Montgomeryshire canal near to my home.

Bon voyage...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

More Camera Problems & Snowdon

Having got my camera back last week (see previous post) I then clumsily proceeded to break the USB connector cable. I sent for a new one (ebay) which arrived promptly - but didn't fit!

So I decided to buy a card reader instead, and today I travelled to the nearest town that has a shop that stocks such things (20 miles away I'm afraid), bought one and once again I'm back!

The photo's I've posted here are ones that I would have posted on Saturday (but couldn't 'connect' of course) after I walked up Snowdon. On the mountain that day there was the annual Snowdon running race where people run to the top of the hill (about 3,500 feet) and back down again in little over an hour! I think the winning time was 1hr 08min and last was about 2hr 45min. I do a little running myself - but prefer the flat - maybe next year!

On a sobering note one of the competitors actually dropped dead in this years race.The weather was it's usual 'poor summer' weather, we haven't had a good spell of weather since 2006, it was 17c at the bottom and 10c at the top with a howling gale and the summit covered in cloud.

There was of course the usual drizzle but it was very nice all the same. It took us 2hrs 15mins (with a 15min stop) to get up (the Rhyd Ddu path) and about 1hr 45mins to come down the same route.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

My Camera Returns

Well I'd been without my camera for over week - but I've had it back today!

I'd got several dust spots on the sensor so I bought a sensor cleaning kit but failed to remove even one spot with it, so I sent the camera away to get it seen to.

And so, today, over a week later I got my camera back.

But the weather here today is so wet and dull all I've managed to take is this rather strange shot tonight of my rain specked washing line.