Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Seemingly Unremarkable Field

I went up to Montgomery Castle on Thursday and took some photo's (next blog post), and one of the photo's was this one of an unremarkable field. This unremarkable field however, it turns out is the site of the Battle of Montgomery that took place in 1644.
The battle was between Royalists and Parliamentarians and cost the lives of about 700 people.
Amazingly despite living only 8 miles away (and my oldest daughter living just a few hundred yards from it) I'd never heard of this battle. This I thought was quite sad, that this field had been littered with the bodies of hundreds of our brave ancestors and people nowadays walk by it and even through it and have no idea of it's history.
Blood spilt for what?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lake Vyrnwy

Olivia and I went up to Lake Vyrnwy recently and I took these photo's.
She brought her binoculars to look for 'Peregrine Falcons'. We saw one but the shot was no good.

A very mossy stump.

This shot has an in camera filter on - I'm not sure which one!

The weather was cold but bright.

There was the remains of some snow on the hills.

The bridge and some nice red chimneys.

And a nice Robin to finish off with!