Saturday, 13 December 2008

X Factor

Watching the X Factor final tonight (it's now 'half time) a few thoughts have struck me.

Cheryl Cole is a false bitch with fake tears a fake smile a fake 'long blink' and a fake hug.

JLS are probably the best act, Alexandra a shouter and Yogan (I know) an almost perfect stereotypical Irishman.

Thinking back to a previous episode when Britney Spears was the guest and refused to mentor the acts and refused to have her picture taken and refused to allow anyone on set to make eye contact with her.

Then when she finally appeared on stage on the night she mimed really badly and was amazingly given a standing ovation by the judges - the false creeping shallow bastards!

If I was Simon Cowell and Britney had been playing up then I'd have said to her 'fuck off Britney' and have had a Slade night or something.

Spineless X Factor twats!

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