Thursday, 4 December 2008

Severe Weather Warnings

So once again we have severe weather warnings that to say the very least are WAY over the top.

Heavy snow and high winds (ie: blizzards) and of course 'The Big Freeze'.

The severe weather of this weeks warnings only really happened in Scotland and the north (nothing unusual there) and it is after all winter!

What do we expect in winter anyhow?!

The met office have been on the defensive since the Michael Fish 'it's not a hurricane' forecast of 1997.

But Fish was of course technically right - the severe winds we had back then were NOT officially a hurricane - but he/they were very blase in not making enough of the storm force winds that were to cause chaos and death the next day.

So since then, afraid of being caught out again, the met office have over egged every weather pudding they've cooked. And the sensationalist media are only too happy to go along with them.

But I fear we shall soon see a 'cry wolf' scenario if they're not careful.

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