Thursday, 4 December 2008

Crazy West Ham Solution!

In this weeks Mail on Sunday, respected sports writer Ian Ridley has come up with a 'solution' for the long running and bitter Sheffield United v West Ham legal battle.
Briefly (very briefly) Sheff United have been awarded £30 million (and rising) against West Ham.
Ridley's solution to all of this is for West Ham to give some players to Sheff Utd on loan, until the end of the season, free of charge.
That would be instead of the £30 million of course.
Do that he thinks, and all will be sorted.
Sounds good to me, BUT...
For starters does he really think that Sheff Utd would accept that over the £30 million?
Does he think also that the Sheff Utd supporters would really take to the (of course by now hated) West Ham players?
And does he think that the West Ham players would willingly go and then give of their best?
Speaking as an avid West Ham fan I think that in all honsety while admittedly saving the Hammers a packet the idea stinks!
I think we should pay the £30 million and have done with it.
Possibly in instalments.
How about forty quid a week?

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