Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Soap Opera Rubbish

This has long been apparent to me but I think I need to share it.

Every plot and story line in every soap opera is centred around one basic principle. And that principle is this:

we, the viewer know something that a key character in the story line does not, ie: Bill is having an affair with Bob's wife. We know about it but Bob doesn't, so we watch and wait to see Bob's reaction when he finds out.

And, just before Bob finds out he will be in a really good mood!

Think of any plot in any soap and it's the same.

I don't watch soaps (but I used to) and I've sussed this out - why can't regular viewers suss it out and dump the brainwashing rubbish?


Bill Quango MP said...

Never mind this.My mum loves soaps and it keeps here quiet. like nightgarden does for the little ones.

4 mph! Get out there son!

JPT said...

Luckily in my role I only ever occasionally have to go out and actually deliver the mail - and I don't envy the postmen - the delivery times are unachievable!