Thursday, 1 January 2009

Global Warming and The British Weather

What do the global warming lobbyists make of the current cold snap in Britain?
I went for a walk today with my daughter Olivia (left) and everything was coated with frost at 2.30 in the afternoon!

And what do they say about last years appallingly cool summer? Yes I know that last summer's overall average temp wasn't far below the norm but that was because there was so much cloud cover that the temperature didn't fall much at night. The daytime highs were extremely poor.

Last years cool summer and this current cold snap it could be (and will be by some) argued, are proof that global warming is a sham.

My own opinion is that the earth is warming, and has been warming and cooling and warming and cooling since time began.

Politicians, I think, have somewhat discredited global warming by making it a cynical tax raising vehicle.

Global warming is happening but that doesn't mean that it's man made. It may or may not be.

The cool summer and current cold snap in Britain is to do with weather and not climate.

Weather is all important. Last summer the weather was dominated by westerlies which equal cool (in summer) and wet weather.

Currently high pressure prevails over the country, which means (in winter) cold cold cold.

Global warming doesn't come into it one way or another. This is good old fashioned weather!



My son works in environmental science and he says it's just part of Earth's history and man hasn't actually had much of an impact on the climate.

He reckons we just need to learn to adapt as there ain't much we can do to hold back nature.

Jeannine said...

It's just junk 'science'. My father always says he loves global warming because it closed all the holes in the ozone.

I think the new buzzwords are 'climate change' since it's obvious to all but the sensory deprived that it's been very cold the past couple years.