Monday, 3 November 2008

Transport Conveyor Belt

It has occurred to me of late that the current main road system in Britain is a bit like a 'Transport Conveyor Belt'.

That is, rather than get in your car and drive independently to your destination, turning here, turning there, overtaking etc, you just firstly wait to 'jump on' to the Conveyor Belt (gap in the traffic) then, at the same speed and (obviously) in the same direction as the rest of the conveyor belt you just drift towards your destination.

You are usually in a cue behind a slow moving vehicle and rarely will there be a time on the entire journey when there isn't a car behind you and in front of you.

I've been on it this morning, and I can tell you that today, the Conveyor Belt is moving slowly.

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Bill Quango MP said...

I used to Guildford to Birmingham.
. Then the M25 + M42 40mph limit went up for the widening. + the Expressway into Birmingham city centre.

"delays possible for two years"
the sign said

They weren't kidding. When I got back home my 2 year old was four.