Friday, 7 November 2008

Savage Toothbrush Packaging

Today my wife bought me a new toothbrush.
It took me a full five minutes to get it out of it's packet!
I kid you not.
The packaging at the front was that hard plastic.
Bullet proof plastic I think.
I couldn't budge it.

The packaging at the back was hard cardboard with a 'cut here' type perforated line.
I couldn't budge that either.
I considered using a scissors to open the damned thing - but I wouldn't be defeated and continued 'by hand'.

After a full five minutes of wriggling, twisting, turning, pulling and squeezing the bloody thing, I finally got into it.

Why the insane Fort Knox packaging on a friggin toothbrush!?
Why can't they just sell them loose?
How would an elderly person open such a thing? (Scissors - I know).

There really is no need, so much packaging and wrapping in the world - no wonder the landfill sites are bursting at the seams!

PS, ever tried opening a shrink wrapped DVD lately?
I've got one I had last Christmas that I tried to open Christmas day, gave up and it's still shrink wrapped now!


Bill Quango MP said...

My daughter got a Bratz doll in [and I kid you not] NEW EASY TO OPEN PACKAGING!

Lost two fingers on that one.

JPT said...

Christmas is coming and now OFF my four year old daughters list is a Bratz Doll!

Gotta keep my fingers!