Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Disturbed Online Shoppers

My daughter went online today to look at buying a fridge and a sofa.

She went on the web site of a well known retailer and duly found what she was looking for - plus reviews of the products!


Reviews of fridges and sofas!

'Good for freezing peas' (I kid you not) and 'a very comfy sofa. Nice'.

What kind of people are these that review fridges and sofas?

But there was more. On looking deeper I found reviews of kettles: 'boiles (sic) quick', toasters: 'beautiful product!' - there were 62 reviews for one toaster alone!

And I kid you not there were even reviews of coasters: 'they look really good on my table' - what!?

I'm getting worried, there are a lot of disturbed people out there.

I think I'll stay in more.


Anonymous said...

But being 'online' shoppers they are maybe not out there but stuck at home reviewing products!

JPT said...

But they have to go out sometimes - even if it's just to pick up medication!