Sunday, 26 October 2008

Planet Earth Reserve

I've often likened planet earth to a wildlife reserve.

Perhaps, I've thought from time to time, that we (all the species on earth), like the animals in the reserve have been put here by someone/thing who has sat back, let us pretty much get on with things, and of course observed us for his/her/their enjoyment.

We humans, like the animals in the reserve do not know what's going on but have a rough idea that there may be more to things than we truly know of (the animals in the reserve of course see humans, vehicles, aeroplanes etc etc but obviously don't quite know what it's all about).

Now, things on the planet earth reserve have gone a bit wrong.
One species (humans) have surged ahead of all the others and are pretty much mucking things up for all the other species.
They're pretty much mucking things for themselves too, with greed, poverty, war, want, a loss of faith, religious mania and the worship of money and possessions above all else.

So the beings that put us here have to step in.

Just like us running our nature reserves they can't just plough in.
They have to shift things subtely.

They have to make little, but quite obvious changes that will over time push us in the direction that they want us to go.

That's what we'd do to our wildlife reserves and I think that's what they'd do to us.

So how would they do this?

Well how about bringing about the collapse of the thing that peddles the new God and so called root of all evil (money), that is the Global Financial System.

And to snap us all out of our seemingly detatched from nature current state, how about catastrophic climate change?

Just a thought.

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