Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Ghosts Farting

Ever been with a group of friends and had one of those 'phew was that you?' moments?
A distinct 'aroma' that no-one will own up to and everyone in the group is absolutely adamant that it wasn't them?
Or, ever been on your own somewhere and the same 'phew' thing happens?
You smell that smell and it most certainly isn't you?
But you're the only one there and if it wasn't you then who else could it have been?

Well I think I've got the answer.
It came to me some time ago and I'm convinced I'm right.

I think it's ghosts farting!

It makes perfect sense if you think about it, so the next time that it happens to you (and you know it will) you'll know just what it is, and if you're in a group then you can share the knowledge with your friends, and if you're alone - don't be scared!

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JPT said...

I just happened to me in a local shop!