Friday, 18 December 2009


I took this shot a few months ago and stumbled across it yesterday. It's not much of a shot really but I think that it shows a little bit of the 'character' of Starlings.
A lot of people for some reason don't like Starlings, they say that they are 'dirty' birds and somebody told me recently that he shoots Starlings because they spread diseases!
But I like them, they are very colourful (especially in sunlight) and real characters with their squabbling and whistling.
I have some in my garden at the moment and will look out for them and hopefully post more 'Starling shots' soon.


√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I also like starlings and I don't think they spread any more disease than any other birds. The House Finch has some serious eye problems and it has made that species decline and there are other diseases that other birds have as well.

But I have got to know a lot of young starlings over the years and I find them one of the most patient babies around. And they eager to learn and they do learn fast.

I admired your photo of starlings because it shows, so well, how nice they get along.

Sunny said...

This is a cute picture, I like how they are sitting on the line.
You can really see their markings when you enlarge it.
Sunny :)

CherryPie said...

You have captured them at a perfect moment. If you cropped the picture a little I think it would show off their personalities even more.

Jose's World said...

I looked at all the posts in this blog and the colors are suttle and attracting. Rather calming than bewildering. Great job!

Starlings are common here in the US too and their fall plumages are very attracting.

holdingmoments said...

I think they're great characters too Jim. Like rowdy children when they get near the feeders in the garden.

Shame on that misinformed bloke for shooting them!

imac said...

Hi Jim, One wonders what they are saying to each other, reminds me of my 2 mates and I - on a Friday night at the pub, putting the World to rights over a pint or

Thanks for your visit and kind comments.

Elaine said...

I like the shot too and it is a good character shot. They look like they are sitting there gossiping about that other bird over there.

Picture Imperfect said...

I've never met a Starling I didn't like!

Of course... I've never met one... but just the same, I won't hold all the hearsay against them. ;o)

Great shot - I agree about it showing character!

Steve Borichevsky said...

In case I don’t have a chance to say it later, Merry Christmas Jim!

richard said...

Hey, Jim, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Black Sea shores.Keep walkin" :)