Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day Walk

I Went for a Boxing Day walk today with my daughter along the Montgomery Canal which passes literally about 50 yards from my home.
The photo's for some reason looked okay on my camera but transferring to my PC were all underexposed!
Still, I've fiddled about with them a bit to try and get them looking passable.
Hope you like them.
Weather report for the day: 5c (42f) with a stiff and chilly breeze. All the snow has now melted but more is predicted for Tuesday.


Mary said...

I do like them...very moody looking. Your daughter is cute :-) I've never understood exactly what Boxing Day is...guess I should look it up.

JPT said...

Mary: Boxing Day is apparently a day that in years gone by the 'masters' etc would give their servants a box of goodies or what not.
Thanks for your kind words.

CherryPie said...

They are lovely and atmospheric, it looks like a lovely walk.

Anonymous said...

You got them looking great, in my opinion & she's a cuuutie! I especially like that last shot!

Happy Happy New Year!

Bull Rhino said...

Very nice. Photographically I like the first and the last, as a Grandpa I like the photo of the cutie pie. Thanks for sharing.

Elaine said...

The photos are lovely. I especially like the golden glow in the last one, and of course your walking partner is adorable. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

holdingmoments said...

Good to see some blue sky for a change isn't it Jim. Looks a lovely place to walk.

ADRIAN said...

A grand way to spend Christmas, and a bonus having the camera. the last one is art.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Excellent landscapes!

Life in Egypt said...

Put a few of those oak posts in back in the 1990s not this one though it looks Quite new.
are they still made at the local saw mill or the one over towards Llanfair c. Question on the canal . are they still working on reopening the stretch from Welshpool they were discussing opening the whole stretch to Newtown, but they put that into touch, the main road did to much damage crossing the winding canal.
and a little on one of your local characters.
not sure if he is still around but do you remember the Simple guy who cycled all over the place lived in a caravan near Pool Quay with his mum. when she died some vandals put a torch to his home.
any way his dad was born on a coal barge that traveled from the docks in Liverpool to deliver coal for Newtown, Can not remember the simple guys name but he started coming to Newtown penty and from making a friend of him I had a bit of his background.

Life in Egypt said...

Add another bit from the last comment his caravan got torched when he moved it to one of the grass verges near the Berriew turn off.
the lane went down towards the River Severn

JPT said...

Life in Egypt: His name was Dennis, I don't see him about any more.
Small world!