Saturday, 27 June 2009

Welsh Coast Birds

Herring Gull

I went up the coast today, and these are some of the birds that I photographed.
Herring Gull

Black headed Gull


Red Kite


holdingmoments said...

Nice one of the Red Kite Jim; getting a few round here recently.
Second one of the Herring Gull is a great capture, frozen the wings perfectly.

Elaine said...

Nice photos! These are particularly interesting as the only one that shows up in North America is the Herring Gull. The Rook looks to be a very interesting bird.

richard said...

We see same birds , huh.I have a pair of kites nesting very close, on a hotel roof, but to high for a decent shot, erm. I will go maybe tomorrow to see some beeaters inland.

Kelly said...

...beautiful photos. I've never seen a Rook in person--love that bill! Lovely flight photos...of the gulls and the kite.

CherryPie said...

Nice set of photos, I especially like the second one.

JPT said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Elaine and Kelly: The Rook is common here in Britain. It's beak always looks false to me - like it's been stuck on!
It is apparently very clever, using tools etc (stones I believe - not power tools!).

bewildered jane said...

Didn't we have a lovely day!


Great shots! Love the closeups of the Gulls!