Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Day At The Beach

Clarach Bay, Mid Wales.

My two youngest (16 & 4).

My youngest - having a mad (hair) day!

I don't know who these two poor unfortunates are (taken at Aberaeron on the same day) but I'm sure that they could have found a nicer spot!


Elaine said...

A perfect way to spend a summer day!

Prospero said...

I like 16 & 4 the best.

janice said...

Awesome shots, I love to see children enjoy the sand and water.

I love the beach. We go to Hatteras Island in NC (the outer banks) every year, the salt in the air and sound of the waves. So calming.

richard said...

So, they are young Welshes?

JPT said...

Richard: They are indeed.