Monday, 26 October 2009

Christ Church, Welshpool

Following my previous post and the nice comments made by 'Kelly' regarding the architcture in one of the photo's I decided to expand a bit on the church in that photo. The Church is Christ Church, Welshpool. It was built in 1839 (modern by local standards!). The funeral services for both my paternal grandparents were held in this church.Nowadays although the cemetary is still in use the church is not. Somebody actually lives in the church now!

I took these photo's today.


holdingmoments said...

What a beautiful old building Jim.

I read the link about the family who have bought the place; it says 'The graves are neat and tidy'. Hmmm, maybe they need a new mower lol

richard said...

Beautiful autumn there. I didnt know You put my blog on bloglist :).
Unfortunately, You entered mine in war time.

Sunny said...

Oh how I love old churches and this one is so beautiful.
I really like how you photographed the headstones. Excellent!
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Sunny :)

JPT said...

holdingmoments: I think the family are referring to the 'new' cemetary - which incidentally can be seen in my previous post in the photo with the big tree - the photo's I took are of the 'old' cemetary.
Thanks for looking at my blog by the way.

James said...

The is a wonderful set of photos. I really like the colors and just about everything about them.

CherryPie said...

Thanks for the history and I love the photos. The autumn colours are lovely :-)

christchurch said...

The family who live in the place did not say 'The graves are neat and tidy', that was the BBC reporter. For further information please feel free to peruse the family's blog and you will see that the graveyard is in fact nothing to do with them, it is owned and maintained by the Church of Wales.
Very nice pictures of Christ Church and graveyard.