Sunday, 30 August 2009


Went to Ludlow, Shropshire on the 28th (my birthday).
The weather was awful - it was windy with heavy showers and the temp was just 12c (54f)! Not much of a summers day.

We had a brief sunny interlude and I took these ordinaryish pictures, but I think you can see how pretty (and old) the town is.

I'll go back and take some more on a nicer day.


holdingmoments said...

Happy belated birthday Jim. Shame the sun didn't shine for you, but you got some good shots anyway.

CherryPie said...

Happy belated Birthday, it's a shame the weather wasn't brilliant.

I love that top picture.

JPT said...

Cherry: Thanks (Holding too)!

Sunny said...

I went to school in Market Drayton many years ago which I think is'nt too far from Ludlow.
really enjoyed reading your blog, your photos are wondeful, and thanks for stopping by mine.
Happy Belated Birthday. (Mine was the day after!)
Sunny :)

Sunny said...

Whoops, I really do know how to spell wonderful and to capitalize! Should have said I really enjoyed.
Sunny :)

JPT said...

Sunny: Thanks for your kind words.
Market Drayton and Ludlow are both in Shropshire.
I recently (May) ran a 6 mile road race in Market Drayton - The Muller 10K - and can say that it is a very nice looking town!

Kelly said...

...lovely architecture, and I love the narrow streets. Very old...we don't have much of that in Cincy...a bit more on the east coast (but I don't live there)! I always love studying the architecture from earlier times.

Elaine said...

Even though the weather didn't cooperate you got some good photos. I enjoy seeing the old architecture and I like poking around in old buildings. They have so much character and stories to tell. Fairbanks was first settled in the early 1900s so everything is relatively new.

Jeannine said...

We were just there a few days ago too, and it's a lovely town. One of the locals told me there are 500 registered buildings in Ludlow.

I'd been there once before with Arthur a couple years ago and it was pouring rain then too, so we hadn't had the chance to see it properly.