Sunday, 8 February 2009

TV Sport Fans, and Snotty Footballers

Two things came to my mind whilst watching sport on TV today.

One: Very annoying is when sports fans (rugby today actually) are shown in close up by the TV cameras they always immediately realise what's happening (watch the bloody pitch not the big screen) and start waving and flapping madly.

I say to the TV companies 'stop showing fans in close up to avoid this constant annoyance to the viewing public', and to the fans who flap and wave I say 'stop it you fucking idiots!'

What if the players did it as well?!

Two: Why is it that seemingly every time a footballer is shown on TV in a close up shot he invariably at that precise moment empties his nose? I wait for it every time and it always seems to happen!

It must be nice for them all slipping about in snot.

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