Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Long Mountain

Myself, my wife, youngest daughter and our two dogs went for a walk on The Long Mountain - about two miles from where I live - on New Years Day.
We drove up there and there was no snow at all until we got to about five hundred feet and at the top (thirteen hundred feet) there was about eight inches - and frozen solid.
The road had been ploughed but was still icy in places and I had to at one point ditch my car to avoid a head on with another vehicle!
The temperature at the top was -2c (28f) and down 'in town' 3c (37f) which was a bigger difference than I thought it would be.
Tracks in the snow showed we were not the first there that day.
Paragliders had beaten us to it!
As you can see the dogs had a very good time!
The hill in the distance on the right is more or less where I work - it's part of my postal delivery round and stands seventeen hundred feet and has a few hundred houses scattered on and around it. Getting to some of them at the moment is as you can imagine a little slippery!


John`s Photography said...

Fabulous set of winter pictures!

imac said...

Wonderful shots of the snow Countryside.

Elaine said...

Beautiful shots!

Sunny said...

Wow! what incredible scenery. It's like the top of the world, simply beautiful.
Keep warm.
Sunny :)

CherryPie said...

Such beautiful photos and scenery. I am jealous you had so much snow!

Maybe I should just get in my car and drive out for the snow experience ;-)

Julie said...

I enjoyed that trip of yours, nearly as much as your dogs did. The sky is nearly as astounding as the mountain. What a glorious, though tiring, place to work.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Magnificent landscape images!

Life in Egypt said...

Do you mean Long Mynd.
bet there no gliders out.
I used to go up there just for the views and lovely walks.when I lived in Minsterley.

JPT said...

Life in Egypt: No not Long Mynd that's a different hill quite nearby (Long Mynd is actually a range of hills), where I was is Long Mountain where Trelystan is located.
I know Minsterley (Creamery), not far from me.

holdingmoments said...

Really like these landscapes Jim, especially the one with the road.

I don't envy your job at the moment. I used to be a milkman years ago; nightmare this weather.

MedaM said...

Obviously you all had a wonderful time up there in the fresh air and all those beautiful sceneries all around. This is really beautiful series of photos.

Janie said...

Very nice view from up there. Looks like a great place to walk in winter.

Mary said...

Sort of like a snow desert! Beautiful shots!

Brian Sibley said...

The shot of the wind-blown snow in the 4th photo is terrific! said...

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